Seals cable ends during installation or storage. Made from cross-linked Polyolefin with hot melt glue liner which bonds cap to the cable jacketResistant to UV rays, aggressive soils, chemicals and corrosionQuick reliable seal PRODUCT NUMBER SIZE RANGE MM Details SRE0 7.5mm – 2mm SRE1 12mm – 4mm SRE2 20.6mm – 7.5mm SRE3 40mm – 15mm […]


3.2MM PRODUCT NUMBER COLOUR SIZE LENGTH HS3-RD RED 3.2mm 4 foot HS3-WH WHITE 3.2mm 4 foot HS3-BL BLUE 3.2mm 4 foot HS3-BK BLACK 3.2mm 4 foot HS3-EA GREEN/YELLOW 3.2mm 4 foot HS3-CL CLEAR 3.2mm 4 foot 4.8MM PRODUCT NUMBER COLOUR SIZE LENGTH HS5-RD RED 4.8mm 4 foot HS5-WH WHITE 4.8mm 4 foot HS5-BL BLUE 4.8mm […]

3M™ Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Repair Sleeve HDCW

3M Wraparound Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve HDCW is designed to repair damaged cable sheaths. It is also suitable for use with cable joints and as additional corrosion protection on undamaged cables. Quick and easy to apply, it provides maximum protection against mechanical stress, even in the most aggressive environments. The inner wall of the […]