Ring Terminal

Double grip – separate crimp barrels for conductor and insulationHigh quality product – meets international standardsPVC insulated PRODUCT NUMBER COLOUR CABLE SIZE STUD SIZE PACK QTY RD1-3 Red 0.5mm² – 1.6mm² 3mm 100 RD1-4 Red 0.5mm² – 1.6mm² 4mm 100 RD1-5 Red 0.5mm² – 1.6mm² 5mm 100 RD1-6 Red 0.5mm² – 1.6mm² 6mm 100 RD1-8 […]


Specifically designed to terminate two wires in the same terminalA quick and easy way to terminate two wiresDeveloped for use in smaller switches and devices PRODUCT NUMBER CABLE SIZE COLOUR PACK QTY POWER WATERSTOCK CODE NUMBER BLT075 2 x 0.75mm² Blue 100 BLT010 2 x 1mm² Red 100 BLT015 2 x 1.5mm² Black 100 SC#504022 […]


Terminate stranded conductors, containing all strands in thin walled copper sleeve crimped to conductorCrimp holds on sleeve until housing screw makes connection PRODUCT NUMBER CABLE SIZE COLOUR PACK QTY DETAILS POWER WATER STOCK CODE NUMBER BL034 0.34mm² Pink 100 BL050 0.50mm² White 100 SC#504019 BL050/500 0.50mm² White 500 BL075 0.75mm² Blue 100 SC#504020 BL075/500 0.75mm² […]