Rubber Gloves Class 4 Bell Cuff

Detailed Information

  • Salisbury Class 4 Insulating gloves for live electrical work
  • Bell Cuffs accommodate heavier clothing and allows greater airflow in warmer weather
  • Meet ASTM D120 and IEC/EN 60903 standards
  • All ASTM voltage classes available
  • Dual coloured gloves, internal/external for easy inspection
  • Bell Cuff (Straight Cuff and Contour Cuff also available)
  • Sizes 9-11, including half sizes 9 & 10 (Bell Cuff Not available in 7, 8 or 8.5)
  • Natural rubber 
Part #Cuff StyleWorking VoltageASTM ClassSizeGlove ColourLengthASTM Label Colour
E416BCYB-9Bell Cuff36kV49Yellow/Black16”/400mmOrange
E416BCYB-9HBell Cuff36kV49.5Yellow/Black16”/400mmOrange
E416BCYB-10Bell Cuff36kV410Yellow/Black16”/400mmOrange
E416BCYB-10HBell Cuff36kV410.5Yellow/Black16”/400mmOrange
E416BCYB-11Bell Cuff36kV411Yellow/Black16”/400mmOrange

Correct Measurement & Fitting

  • Measure the circumference of the palm of your hand
  • Any increment over a full or half size will take you to the next full or half size
  • Rubber gloves sizes are manufactured in inch (“) sizes
  • Allow for cotton inner gloves