Spiral Vibration Dampers For OPGW

Detailed Information

Made from high impact, UV resistant, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they are non-corrosive and do not abrade the OPGW or require engineering calculations for positioning. Vibration dampers are designed to reduce cable vibration at tangent supports and dead-end positions. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to the wind flow and vibration history on similar constructions in the same area.

  1. SVDs may be subset together in sets of up to 3 apiece; do not place more than 3 SVD’s together in a subset as this can cause them to bind and reduce their overall effectiveness.
  2. SVDs have the advantage of being placement independent and may be placed
    at either end of the span, or on both ends if so desired.  However, please note that SVDs are designed to be placed directly on to the conductor or shield wire and not on to rods or attachment hardware. A general recommendation, place SVDs on the bare conductor or shield wire approximately one hand’s width away from suspension rods, dead-end rods, ties, etc.
  3. Please consult PLP for recommendations when;
    -Flat open Terrain, river or gully crossings
    -Tensions are greater than 20% UTS
    -Aerial warning spheres are installed

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