AirCore™ Tower Worker Soft Loop Harness

Detailed Information

  • Light-weight components reduce fatigue, increasing productivity
  • Quick operating shoulder cam buckles for vertical adjustment
  • Quick-connect leg buckles
  • Front soft loops and rear fall arrest d-ring with fall indicator
  • Work positioning side d-rings for working with pole straps
  • Confined space loops for attachment to spreader frame
  • Built-in buttock pad for increased work positioning comfort
Product NumberSize
MaterialStretchable DuraFlex™ Webbing
Weight2.7 kg
Fall Arrest Points✓ Front Soft Loops & Rear
Buckles✓ Cam & Quick Connect
Other Attachment Points✓ Confined Space & Pole Straps
Adjustable Straps✓ Legs, Waist & Shoulder× Chest
Padding✓ Back, Legs, Waist

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