Arc Flash Gloves

Detailed Information

PRO WEAR™ Arc Flash Gloves

  • Available in ATPV ratings of 12 to 100 cal/cm2*
  • Sewn with Nomex® thread
  • All gloves are made with arc rated material
  • All Arc Flash Gloves are 14” long and designed in a clute cut style
  • One size fits most
Part #Cal/cm2 RatingColour & Material
AFG1112 cal/cm2Navy Blue Indura Ultra Soft
AFG2020 cal/cm2Navy Blue Indura Ultra Soft
AFG4040 cal/cm2Grey Indura Ultra Soft

CAUTION: Arc Flash Gloves do not provide electrical protection. Do not use when insulating rubber gloves are required.

*Important: NFPA 70E does not have a Hazard Risk Category above 40 cal/cm2. Working on levels above 40 cal/cm2 should be avoided because of the blast hazards caused by arc flash.