“CABLE DOG” – Cable Feeder – 800daN

Detailed Information

Product Number: VMMS800B
Product Description: 4HP/3kW Petrol power cable feeder

Cable feeders can be used in conjunction with hauling winches to assist and protect cable on long winding hauls.
Specially designed rubberised track chain and pressure regulated devices secure cable for smooth and even feed assist.

Cable Capacity: 40 mm – 120 mm O/D
Pushing Force: 800 daN MAX
Speed: 1 – 11 meters per min

Also available with electric motor or hydraulic motor powerpack.

Length – 1140 mm
Width – 700 mm
Height – 1250 mm
Weight – 190 kg

Depending on the route and the cable specifications, the use of multiple feeders may be necessary.

Petrol Engine Version Pictured