Electrosoft Arc Rated Rubber Gloves Class 0

Detailed Information

Suitable for low tension electrical working (1,000 V – Class 0) offering both electrical insulation and arc flash protection

  • For electrical work with a maximum voltage of 1000 volts
  • Designed to be used in Arc Flach environement
  • Class 0 according IEC EN 60903
  • Arc Protection to 21.6 Cal/cm²
  • Grip finishing
  • Length 360 mm, Thickness 1.0 mm
  • Bicolour for visual inspection
  • Easy fit with Chlorinated inside
  • External layer in orange polychloroprene (provides excellent mechanical resistance)
  • Anatomical shape makes flexing easier while ensuring a high level of protection
  • Category RC (Resistant to acid, oil, ozone and extreme low temps)