KMAX.1 Welder’s Cross-over Style Harness

Detailed Information

  • Cross-over Style harness in 100%Kevlar® webbing for use in applications where hot sparks or molten materials may contact the harness
  • Durability and fire retardant properties of Kevlar® are ideal for welding
  • Frontal and rear fall arrest attachment points
  • Adjustable leg straps
Product NumberSize
Material100% Kevlar® Heat Resistant Webbing
HardwareZinc Plated Steel
Weight1.2 kg
Fall Arrest Points✓ Front & Rear
Buckles✓ Push Through× Quick Connect
Other Attachment Points× Confined Space, Tool
Adjustable Straps✓ Legs× Chest, Shoulder, Buttocks
Padding× Front, Back

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