Detailed Information

Product Number: CPN1(Width)(Finish) eg CPN1150G
Product Standard Length: 3.0 metres.
Product Peak: 15 Degree

Surface Finish Options
Pre-Galvanised (G)
Hot Dip Galvanised (H)
Stainless Steel (S)

Product Width and Product Number
Nominal Width 150 mm – Internal Width 155 mm – Product # CPN1150G/H/S
Nominal Width 300 mm – Internal Width 305 mm – Product # CPN1300G/H/S
Nominal Width 450 mm – Internal Width 455 mm – Product # CPN1450G/H/S
Nominal Width 600 mm – Internal Width 605 mm – Product # CPN1600G/H/S
Nominal Width 900 mm – Internal Width 905 mm – Product # CPN1900G/H/S


  • Hot Dip Galvanised & Galvabond Cable Ladder Covers are manufactured against firm orders only and are non returnable.
  • Hot Dip Galvanising is not recommended for products such as these. Varying degrees of product distortion are likely to occur which may compromise aesthetics.
  • Powder coating and special finishes on request against firm orders only and are non returnable.