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Used in control circuits associated with security systems including detection, monitoring and access control. Designed for use in ELV systems at maximum 50V AC or 120V DC.

To order, please advice colour, number of conductors, conductor size size, conductor type and length
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Unscreened Security
Stranded bare copper conductor, PVC insulated, cores laid up, PVC sheathed

Pack size: 1 – 100m spool; B30 – 300m box; B20 – 200m box (6C only)
Insulation colours: 4C – Red, Black, White, Blue; 6C – Red, Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow.

Screened Security
Stranded bare copper conductor, PVC insulated, twisted pair, aluminium foil overall tape screened and stranded tinned copper drain wire, PVC sheathed.

Note: *Pack size: AA – 100m spool; B30 300m box.
Also available in jelly filled version, Grey PVC Sheath, 7/0.25mm T/C drain wire.
Insulation colours: Black and Red, Green and White.

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