Tree Trimming Kit


Detailed Information

  • For line clearance crews, trouble shooting and emergency call outs
  • Complete kit with sticks, rope insulator, cutter, saw & adaptors in carry bag
  • Tested to ASTM F-711, IEC 60855 & OSHA
  • Refer to local network provider procedures for live line use
Part #Stick ODLength of SectionsMaximum HeightDescriptionWeight
414132mm1.2m4.8mTree Trimming Kit6.8kg
414232mm1.8m7.2mTree Trimming Kit8.6kg
Qty in Kits
41414142Part #Item Description
4546-4Stick Sectional Extension 1.2m
4546-6Stick Sectional Extension 1.8m
114125Cutter Tree Pruner 600mm FG
11A18007Base Cap 32mm Female
11A10012Adaptor Male Universal 32mm
114010Insulator Link for Rope 1100mm FG
11P10046Universal “S” Hook
11A11000Universal Pruning Saw
11A10016Universal Saw Handle
11A30007Pruning Saw Scabbard
1TENM305Bag Tree Trim to suit 1.2m
1TENM315Bag Tree Trim to suit 1.8m