Type 245 6.6KV

Detailed Information

Multiple-Stranded Circular Flexible Annealed Tinned copper conductor (rope lay)/Conductor Screen Semiconductive compound (for cables having a voltage rating of 3.3/3.3kV and above)Insulation EPR/Insulation Screen Semiconductive elastomer/ Cradle Separator Semiconductive PCP/ Overall Core Screen Semiconductive PCP filling and covering/3×Interstitial Earth Conductor Semiconductive PCP covered flexible stranded tinned copper conductor/1×Central Extensible Pilot EPR covered flexible stranded tinned copper conductor/Textile Reinforcement Open- weave braid reinforcement/ Sheath Heavy-duty PCP sheath/ Heavy-duty CPE/CSP sheath can be offered upon request.

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TYPE 245
– Rotational sequence of core colours: Red, Black, White, Black, Blue, Black
– The earth conductors are covered with semiconductive elastomer which is inherently black; it is not possible to assign the normal (green/yellow) earth colour identification to these conductors.
– The central pilot/control conductor insulation are coloured grey and numbered 1, 2 and 3.

Note :- Cable overall diameter and weights indicated above are for guidance only and are subject to tolerance.