Work Positioning/ Rope Access Harness

Detailed Information

  • Work positioning/rope access harness with padded leg straps and lumbar support for working in suspension and twin rope access applications
  • Frontal fall arrest, dorsal and work positioning dee rings
  • Step in harness with lumbar support
  • Quick connect buckles and extra wide removable shoulder pads
  • Tool loops to attach equipment temporarily when working at height
Product NumberSize
MaterialDuraclean Webbing Resists Water and Oil
HardwareStainless Steel and Aluminium
Weight2.5 kg
Fall Arrest Points✓ Front Double, Rear
Buckles✓ Quick Connect× Push Through
Other Attachment Points✓ Tool× Confined Space
Adjustable Straps✓ Legs, Shoulder, Waist× Buttocks
Padding✓ Legs, Shoulder, Waist

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